My 2023 in review

My 2023 in review

Hi, you all, this is my very first time writing this kind of post. So, I want to say how was my 2023 in context of tech content, speaking sessions and my tech career in general.

I can summarize it like this:

  • 24 speaking sessions

  • 5 videos in my Youtube channel

  • 3 KCDs

  • 15 Working sessions for our Cloud Native Group.

I also participated in working sessions and created content in:

  • 2 tags tag-environmental-sustainability, we were part of the sustainability week and for higher-ed (a future TAG), just participating to build something around university contents.

I participated in the several events or groups:

  • Cloud Native Guatemala Chapter

  • Cloud Native Amsterdam

  • KCD Colombia

  • KCD El Salvador

  • KCD Guatemala

  • Civo Navigate NA, Tampa

  • Civo Navigate Europe, London

  • KubeConNA, Chicago

  • Sustainability Week Guatemala

My best moments in the year:

  • I was selected to be a CNCF Ambassador after serveral years

  • Hosted an in-person KCD with my students

  • Talked with Bart Farrel about life and things

  • Talked with Cortney Nickerson at KubeConNA, Chicago

  • Talked with Ramiro Berrelleza in different events

  • Christmas breakfast with Cloud Native Guatemala Chapter organizers

  • Funny moments with Alessadro Civo, Dario Trankitela

  • Met in person Kunal Kushwaha

  • Shared in the KCD boot in the KCD about Guatemala in KubeConNA, Chicago

  • In deep conversation about life with Tiffany Jatcha

The event and moment I loved the most was Cloud Native Amsterdam.

Also, I learned from Bart Farrel, that you are not alone when you have problems, your friends support you, also I have a lot of friends in the ecosystem that loves me.

Now, this year 2024, for me is the year to thing about me, grow up, and explore new things, I want to try to create content by myself, I mean, be my own brand, like a kind of DevRel. I will take the advice of a close friend of mine, that said me about build a community around me. I will try, let's see if I can build that community.

Finally, I want to visit Europe again to be in other events. If I am lucky I would like to be in Japan, but first I have to build that dream, let's see if the happens.

My 2023 in a collage

I have a lot of pending videos to upload from 2023, a lot of content coming. So, that was my 2023 in review, what about yours? any 2024 resolutions?

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See you the next time!